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About tt30

tt30 - the young think tank of the Club of Rome (CoR) is composed of independent men and women around the age of 30 (therefore tt30) who are concerned about the problems of today and committed to work towards the solution of these challenges. The think tank was founded in 2001.

tt30, from the perspective of a new generation, works out an agenda of topics that we regard as central for the future development of the world (what we title the Web of the Problematique) and indicates possible ways how to meet those challenges of tomorrow.


Alvaro Ballesteros, Spain
Alvaro Ballesteros currently works as International Security Expert for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Kosovo, supporting the development of democratic security institutions. From 2006 to 2007 he served as Executive Director of the European Academy for International Training (EAIT), designing training courses for police, military and civilians prior to their deployment to international missions. Ballesteros had previously worked as Law Enforcement Monitor and Organised Crime Advisor for the European Union Police Mission in FYRO Macedonia (2004-2005), and as Rule of Law Officer specialized in the fight against Human Trafficking for the OSCE in FYRO Macedonia (2001-2004). Previous international mission deployments took him to work for the OSCE in Belarus and Montenegro (2001) and in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2000). Ballesteros holds a BA in History/International Relations and in 2007 he graduated from the Leaders' Programme on Advanced Security Studies at the Marshall Center in Germany. He is also a candidate for Doctorate of Peace and International Security. He received the ESDP Service Medal in 2004 from the office of the EU SG/HR Dr. Javier Solana, and in 2005 he received NATO's official gratitude for his support to the alliance in the prevention of Human Trafficking. He has written several articles and research papers on international relations and Human Trafficking. Ballesteros is married and has one daughter.

Inês Freire Van Breemen, Portugal
Inês is presently enrolled in a Master Program in Development Practice, at University of Queensland, Australia. She has been working for the last 10 years in various fields of Environmental Engineering as researcher, consultant and project leader. Her most recent working tasks were as project leader in a viability study for biosaline agriculture in Cape Verde (Ocean Desert Enterprises), as well as assistant of the board of directors of the Portuguese Association for Environmental Engineers (APEA). She holds a European Postgraduate Course in Environmental Management (UVA, The Netherlands) and a BA in Environmental Engineering (FCT/UNL, Portugal), with a period in the Imperial College (U.K) working on a project related to children’s exposure to Arsenic. She has been a member of tt30 since its outset in 2001. Inês is presently living in Brisbane, Australia, together with her husband and her two fantastic kids. Her fields of interest are climate change adaptation; community development and water management.

Carlos Rodriguez Casal, Spain
Dr. Carlos Rodríguez Casal works in Brussels for the European Commission, dealing with the planning and assessment of policies on Information Society. Before, he has worked at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and at the State University of Navarra, Spain, doing research on Information and Communication Technologies, in particular dealing with mobile communications. Carlos has degrees in Electronic Engineering (M and PhD) and Law (M). He has also been a Post-doc at TU-Delft (The Netherlands) and a NATO scholar at MIT (USA). He holds an Executive-MBA and an Associate Professor position. He has more than 50 publications in the fields of security, privacy, future mobile systems and services, location techniques, eHealth and sustainable development.

Todd Lester, USA
Todd Lester is the Executive Director of freeDimensional and in that role worked with Reporters Without Borders to establish its New York City communications desk over the course of 2006 and early 2007. In late 2005, he served as Katrina Relief Project Manager for FilmAid International, for which he designed and implemented the organization’s first domestic and natural disaster response intervention. Before that, Todd was Information & Advocacy Manager for the International Rescue Committee in Sudan. As an independent consultant, he designs film, media and cultural events for national ministries, cities, universities and community-based organizations, such as the 2005 Rwanda Film Festival. From 2002-04, he served as project manager for Conflict Prevention and Effective Communication in the Southern Caucasus and conducted research for the Vera List Center for Art and Politics. He holds a Masters of Public Administration from Rutgers University and is candidate for Doctorate of Public & Urban Policy at the New School for Social Research from which he recently received a Film Production Diploma. Todd has served as a Project Leader for programs on Africa at the World Policy Institute.

Gordon Henrik Wollgam, Germany
Gordon Henrik Wollgam holds a Master of Economics and International Relations. Currently he works as a Project Manager at Eberhard von Koerber Ltd., in Zurich, Switzerland. He is Responsible for strategy consulting and project management on a global scale for family office clients and non-profit mandates involving business development, change management, financial services and PR. He is also working as a Personal Advisor to the CEO. Gordon is also co-organizing a conference for 200 young business leaders on economic change and flexibility in late 2007 in Zurich, Switzerland ( and preparing the latest edtition of the tt30 project "beyondoil" (see