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October 10, 2007



Well, I thought that I would read something interesting, something that would enlighten me about an African country and its social and economic hardships. Instead I wasted my time on this piece written by a person who didn't study at school hard enough to get his English grammar and spelling right in the first place, who is overwhelmed by his power-expat-international position, and who brags about him being an "authority" and a "fearless" man behind gun-toting soldiers. Now I understand why so many international aid and development projects fail to succeed: if the majority of the Country Directors are as "bright" as this one I am afraid all UN, WB, IMF, ADB, USAID, and other shambolic organisations' activities are doomed. In addition, just imagine how much they need to overpay for additional staff simply to re-write his programme, project, and country reports!

Surely, an i-pod loving Country Director in landcruiser is unable to understand why these "thieves" (and this was the word he was unable to use because it could cost him some trouble as all expat consultants contracts have a clause about the "respect to local society, culture, and regulations", the breach of which can lead to a dismissal - why these "thieves" cannot return their motorbikes!

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